Visual Artist, filmmaker and photographer

The Israeli artist Lee Yanor works creatively interweaving plastic arts, photography, dance, music, sound and technology. I first met her in Wuppertal in 2006 during the shooting of her Documentary Coffée with Pina and I was immediatly fascinated by her personality, her intelligence and her ablity to sense the pulse, the rhythm and the energy of each and every movement with extraordinary precision and sensibility. I instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of her universe! Later I discover that she is a former dancer, but it’s still a mystery to me how she achieves to create a special and unique room for the human body, a fragile and delicate space, deeply connected to the sphere of memory.

Video Installations from Lee Yanor
Featuring Cristiana Morganti

CLOUD 9 (2007)
I HAVE TO SEE (2015) segment
THIS SIDE OF PARADISE (2016) Io sono una stella – Trailer

Actor and theater director

The friendship with Laurent Fraunié began twenty-five years ago with a fateful meeting at the Cervantino Festival in Mexico. Laurent at the time was performing around the world with Philippe Genty’s company and I was on tour with Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater. Since then we have always continued to follow our respective artistic paths with growing interest and curiosity. Laurent’s request to create the choreographic score for his show Ici ou (pas) là, which sees him as director and unique interpreter, came for me as a real gift: we finally had the chance to work together, an experience that turned out to be beautiful and unforgettable.

Première: 29th September 2020 – Lequai – Angers (FR

ICI OU (PAS) LÀ – Trailer 1
ICI OU (PAS) LÀ – Trailer 2

Theater director

The well-known Italian director Federico Tiezzi, following a workshop I held in the fall of 2020 in Pistoia with the young actors of the Laboratorio della Toscana, which he directs, launched the idea of a collaboration, inviting me to realize the choreographic score of his next show Purgatory. The night washes the mind from a text by Mario Luzi. The possibility of working with an ensemble of professionals on the staging of the Divine Comedy seemed to me a new and stimulating challenge. The show is a scenic reproposition of Dante Alighieri’s Purgatorio on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death.

World Premiere: July 2021 – Teatro Grande – Pompeii (IT) in the frame of Napoli Teatro Festival

Dancer & coreographer

The collaboration with dancer and choreographer Kenji Takagi and cellist Emily Wittbrodt stems from the request of the Orangerie Museum in Paris to create a Site Specific Performance for the marvelous oval room of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. This takes place within the Danse dans le Nimphéas cycle conceived by Isabelle Danto. With my colleague Kenji Takagi, also a former dancer at Pina Bausch’s Company, we had long wanted to work together on a short and light performance, a format that could also be adapted to non-theatrical spaces. The idea of involving in the project the musician Emily Wittbrodt, a multifaceted artist with great expressive abilities, also responds to a desire cultivated over the years and a common passion for live music. And what better instrument than a cello to immerse oneself in the dreamlike atmosphere of Claude Monet’s magical garden?

World Premiere: 20th September – 2021 Musée de l’Orangerie – Paris