Cristiana Morganti is an independent dancer and choreographer based in Germany. Her pieces and performances are touring internationally. She leads coaching projects and workshops in collaboration with Institutions, theaters and festivals.


17 JUNE–6 JULY 2024
Werk Labor PB Foundation
Essen (DE) Gymnasium Werden


Passionate about human encounters and the artistic journey they trigger, Cristiana considers collaborations as an essential element of her artistic research. Sometimes paths can meet in an unexpected way, other times the encounters are the result of a common desire cultivated for years. The outcome is always an enrichment and a broadening of perspectives, a different way to look around.


“To me teaching means sharing an intense and creative experience that stems from the urge to express something true and authentic, something that belongs to the deepest part of our being. The idea is to create a safe space, free from judgment, where anyone interested in movement can explore their limits and freely decide how and when to push beyond them„
Cristiana Morganti